As researched and developed in the early 2000s, according to the heightened standards of comfort and safety of current ships, will be installed on board a number of new construction unit is in the cruise of the big cruise is aboard the new flagships of Navy, as on large Yachts


Our Catalogue

During the construction phase or during hospitalization, the application of protective sheeting allows the conservation and the 'integrity of the product covered, up to delivery. The products of the indicated series covering a wide range of protective functions, such as those for pavings and for vertical finishes, to arrive at the nosing, the corner protectors, and so on.


Where we are

We are present throughout Italy, the production, development and research are carried out at the plant in Genoa; the operational headquarters Monfalcone, Marghera, Livorno. Each processing, installation can be made with its own personnel.

Operating units