Plugging system in continuation of dividing panels cabins and public areas

ISOBULK "B15"  is an innovative system for creating barriers for cutting off draftsIt is easily shaped. The versatility with which it adapts to any structural situation, the simplicity with which it is applied and, last but not least, the light weight of its components make it preferable to any other solution, and in particular enable the use of impractical metal elements to be avoided. It is easily shaped, and adapted and inserted inside the structure concerned by means of a sealant called “NAVYCROSS m “ 

MARINE DRAUGHT STOP is an innovative system for creating barriers able to stop draughts. It consists of a composite panel made up of various different elements. It can be made in various shapes and sizes to fit any type of need cropping up. 


Isobulk B0/B15

MDS Marine Draught Stop