This solution is particularly suitable for areas to "thermal jump", such as plating, swimming pools, prom, etc.

It is realized through the application of our product "Spraylite", Anticondensation insulation product, two-component, consisting of a granulate based on alkaline silicates termoespansi and a binder in aqueous dispersion which has excellent adhesion to many materials: iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum, plastic and brickwork

The product characterized by excellent water resistance and is used in replacement of traditional insulation made of glasswool or rockwool base and is very suitable for use both inside and outside.

In the naval sector, the "SPRAYLITE" treatment is particularly suitable for the realization of insulating surfaces and to prevent the formation of condensation: specific for applications on the parts in iron of decks and bulkheads, or on walls and ceilings, both in accommodation areas than in rooms machine. In the industrial sector, it is mainly used for the protection and isolation of iron pipes or parts of installations subject to the action of water, moisture or vapor to prevent and inhibit the formation of condensation with consequent deterioration of the structures