Floating underlayer for noise and vibration

FLODECK WOOL PROOFis a multilayer floating foundation with high noise and vibration damping properties.

FLODECK WOOL PROOF represents an ideal solution, alternative to the traditional system FLODECK, properly created for the application in areas subjected to occasional contact with water. The system is employed as damping cycle in indoor premises subject to noise and / or vibration transmission, and / or as A60 firewall. It is used as a foundation suitable to be covered with any type of finishing like vinyl, carpet, marble, tiles, rubber, etc.  For finishing, previous shaving is required with CORLATEX 1.7

FLODECK WOOL PROOF is employed as a substrate for the installation of cabin, walls, etc. In this way, walls will not be directly mounted on the steel deck plate thus ensuring against noise and / or vibration transmission.

FLODECK consist of two layers of different materials - damping and a self-contained material. It can also be coupled with VISCOTEX cycles, in order to obtain a product with very high sound and vibration insulation properties.

1 st Layer:                  Rockwool panels with density 140 Kg/m3, wrapped inside a waterproof and self-extinguishing polyethylene-based thin film, mounted directly on the steel deck plate. Previous anticorrosion treatment to the steel deck plate are possible.

2 nd Layer:                       first of all a strip (30 mm high; 8-10 mm thick) of self-extinguishing polyurethane foam that separates all steel walls, running pipes, etc. Then a self-contained layer of cement compound applied with minimum 25 mm thickness.

This kind of flooring can be combined with others flooring cycles, with vibration damping characteristic (see VISCOTEX and VISCOTEX STEEL), to carry out flooring types like “CONSTRAINED”.

The Il sandwich obtained can be completed by means the application of a waterproofing coat of resin, in the required thickness.